This engineered wood-based panel is suitable for structural and non-structural use in the construction industry. The three bonded layers of resinous wood strands arranged at right angles to one another, give a strong and stable panel free of defects and with high moisture resistance.as well fire retardant type.
Our OSB 4 is a high performance panel that exceeds many of the EN 300 requirements. An Excellent resistance to moisture, stress and impact make OSB 4 the ideal choice for high load bearing applications in humid conditions. OSB 3 should be used for normal use in humid conditions and OSB 2 is suitable for general use in dry conditions.
The formats of OSB assure a great versatility in wall construction.
The conditioned panels provide exceptional stability and strength and are economical and easy to use. Resistance to moisture means that OSB is suitable for warm and cold roofs. The product can take practically all kinds of coverings including bitumen, tiles and slates combined with solid wood to form I-joists, it makes large-scale construction easy and economical. OSB is also ideal for use in flooring, from dry domestic use to heavy-duty industrial use in humid conditions, with tongue and groove on 2 or 4 edges for supported and floating floors.
As it has a natural wood-like look and can easily be stained and varnished, OSB offers many decorative options.
Strength combined with lightness as well as the availability of large sizes allow for many options in industrial packaging. OSB can be a cost-effective alternative to other panel products for a wide variety of packaging options for use in dry and humid conditions.
Last but not least, OSB is in fact an Eco-efficient option as it presents.

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